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Our Founder

Meet Jenna

The Homemade Collective grew out of a deep love (er obsession) with candles and the desire for scents to fill my home at all times. Scents are tied so strongly to memories and emotions. They can change our mood, make us feel happy, relaxed, etc. But there weren't many safe and environmentally friendly options out there. So I took it in my own hands, and out grew The Homemade Collective.

Making things with my hands brings me so much happiness! I love seeing something I made in your home. From hand placing the wick, to customizing the recipes and scents, to pouring and labeling and shipping - it's all done by yours truly! Made in small batches to ensure quality, you can be sure that your candles were made with love, care, and all the attention in the world.

I know you could shop anywhere, so the fact that you're here with me right now just makes my heart so happy! Thank you for shopping small!

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