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USB Lighter

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Our USB Lighter is our favorite eco-friendly way to light candles! It utilizes ARC technology to provide you a flameless lighter that's clean, safe, and made to last. With an easily rechargeable USB port, this charger is a must-have candle accessory!



+ On/Off switch for improved child safety 
+ Up to 1000 lights per charge
+ 1.5 hour charge time
+ Multi-light battery indicator
+ High-powered LED flash light
+ Dimensions: 9.1" x 1.18" x .75"
+ Color options: white, linen, desert


+ Ensure lighter is powered off prior to setting down
+ Clean with a damp cloth
+ Recharge using the included USB cord


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USB Lighter
USB Lighter
USB Lighter
USB Lighter

Why The Homemade Collective?

  • Non-Toxic

    Made with care, our products are free of carcinogens and phthalates

  • Woman-Owned and Hand-Poured

    In small batches to ensure consistency and quality

  • Earth-Friendly

    Always striving to reduce our impact on the planet

  • Free Smells

    Complimentary scent samples included with every order

Customer Reviews

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Must Have

I really love this lighter! I used to use those typical gas lighter ones, but I felt like I was going through them so fast and throwing them out. I love that these will last forever and are better for the environment. Plus they're really neutral design so I can leave them out. Mine charges super fast connected to my computer or an outlet. Each charge lasts a super long time. And bonus, they're also safe in the hands of my littles since it has childproofing to it.


What makes this different than a traditional lighter?

A traditional lighter runs on fuel to produce an open flame. Our USB Lighter uses a high voltage spark to ignite the candle wick. Once a traditional lighter runs out of fuel, they need to be disposed of, which contributes to environmental pollution if not disposed of properly. Whereas with our USB Lighter, it can be recharged to use over and over again making it a more sustainable option that doesn't contribute to plastic waste.

Why would I want one?

Many reasons! First and foremore is the reusability. Because these can be recharged, they can be used again and again making it a more sustainable option. They also don't contribute to plastic waste. And they are incredibly convenient to reach hard places. And did I mention that these are windproof?

How long does it take to charge?

Roughly 1.5 hours for a full charge.

How often do I have to charge it?

One single charge can last up to about 1,000 lights!

Is it safe around my child?

Always keep it in a safe place away from little hands. That being said, there is a child safety function built in requiring you to hold the power button to turn it on before you can use it.

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