Who We Are

The Homemade Collective is a woman-owned and operated small business based out of San Diego, California. Originally founded in 2020 in her home studio in Chicago, Illinois, Jenna sought to find safe and environmentally friendly ways to scent her home.

Our Founder

Hi! I'm Jenna - the utterly candle-obsessed lady that does the heavy lifting behind the scenes. I'm the candle maker, scent sniffer, jar cleaner, product designer, website builder, marketing director, email answerer, and shipment fulfiller. But don't let that fool you! While this may be a woman-owned business, my family is very hands-on with helping. My husband, Jake, is the lead stirrer and in-house therapist. My son is the head of label application and direction. And my English Bulldog, Brick, is the supervisor and leads the napping department.

When I'm not making candles, I'm exploring my new home of San Diego, California, finding any excuse to be at the beach and listen to the waves!


I have forever loved candles and how they can transform a space. Scents are tied so strongly to memories and emotions. They can change our mood, make us feel happy, relaxed, at home, etc. But once I learned what was in the candles I was buying from big box stores, I was shook. There was no way I could burn those in my home knowing the harm they were doing. But there was also no way that I could go without candles. So I began researching and discovered I could learn to make my own candles that were safe for me, my home, and everyone in it. 

I began making them just for myself, but soon they caught on with my friends and family. And it’s grown ever since. So became The Homemade Collective. Since then, I’ve been overjoyed to see all the love my candles have received across the US! Made in small batches to ensure quality, you can be sure that your candles were made with love, care, and all the attention in the world.

These are my favorite candles on earth!


Finally. A candle that doesn't give me a headache! I'm so happy to be able to burn candles again!

Private Customer

These are hands-down my new favorite candles! My house smells absolutely amazing!

Private Customer

I have family begging for these!


Night Sea is utter perfection. My whole house smells amazing. I've never smelled anything like it!


I'm buying all your candles! They exceeded my expectation!


These babies are handmade with love!


Maui is my new all-time favorite! It's the best, most fresh scent I've ever smelled!

Private Customer

No headaches at all with these!